2016 Infinite QX50 driveability

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2016 Infinite QX50 driveability

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Looking for any possible for information on the ignition system. And checking engine timing.

2016 Infiniti QX50, Auto, 4WD, 3.7L V6 JN1BJ0RRXGM266543

Two months ago and roughly 6k miles we replaced the engine due to it being all sludged up and jumping time.

The vehicle was towed in for no start, customer stated was driving and started sputtering stalled and would not restart.

Scanned codes and found p0335 ckp circuit p0340 cmp circuit b1 p0345 cmp cct b2. Has injector pulse but when checking spark it will spark a couple times then no more spark. If crank sensor is unplugged the vehicle will start but runs alittle rough. Tried another OEM crank sensor from previous engine

with ckp plugged in cranking cam angle reading 18* on b1 and -8*

no oil showed on dipstick put in 2 quart and a half

I have very little information on this vehicle being so new so any help would be appreciated

Thank you
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Re: 2016 Infinite QX50 driveability

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Sorry for my late response, two quarts low could mean a lot of issues especially with the VVT and tensioner. Unplugging the sensor throws it into limp mode and forcing start. To me (sad to say) it sounds internal. Ill look into it a bit more when my lead tech arrives and get back.
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