2009 Nissan Rogue - Transmission Issues

Specific repair issues for Nissan + Infiniti vehicles
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2009 Nissan Rogue - Transmission Issues

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Got a call from a regular customer stating that when they try to accelerate onto a highway that the R.P.M. is very high and acceleration is very poor. If they pull over and shut it off and restart the engine all is fine. I have not had the opportunity to look at the car and pull codes but I am trying to get an idea as to what is going on before it comes in. The only thing I found in Mitchell is a posibility of a power issue to the T.C.M. Any thoughts would be great. This car is a 2009 model with 42k on the clock. :roll:
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Re: Nissan Rogue Transmission Issues

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Well I can say we had an issue with external connector on one of these. But jumping to conclusions will not support customer confidence. Check for codes and post them, if any, and I will respond.
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