Tire Taxes

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Tire Taxes

Post by ShopManTim »

Ok. So I'm setting up a parts/tire entry . The issue I am hoping to set up correctly has to do with Federal Excise Tax that our supplier is charging us on tires. Here in PA where we must collect 6% sales tax, is it possible for me to set up the Federal Ecise Tax as a non-taxable item in the tire window sale? If so how? I could, in theory, include the FET as part of the cost of the tire, however, then the FET will be included as a taxable item, not? How do others out there do this?
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Re: Tire Taxes

Post by megoff »

Hello ShopManTim, with our Tire Fees under Setup -> Standard Tables -> Tire Matrix -> Tire Fees, you would be able to setup a tire fee that is added every time you add a tire to an order. Below is an image of how the fees could be setup. With the Tire Fees you are able to set each one at a flat rate or a % of the tire, you are also able to make the fee taxable or not.

Here is a video that we've created to walk through the tire matrix setup as well as tire fees: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_sAlDJKzug
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