Manager SE specific technical issues
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Is there a readme for
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Re: README for

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Manager SE Changes

Parts Ordering dialog selects Vendor based on which Vendor the parts were 'Added from'
Database backup validation - able to select one computer to run on
Tax Rate help information updated to reflect recent changes in Florida and most recent Canadian tax rates
Report Changes
Stocking Level above Zero - will not display deleted parts
Customer and Vehicle Summary - Notes with 'Print on order' unchecked do not display
Purchase Order - Closed Report - date range search changed to Date closed
Inventory Age Report - will not display deleted parts
Posted Non-Taxable Orders Report - counter sales display an asterisk
Work in Progress Reports - displays the Order Balance due
INV WI Templates - displays Hazmat fee based on setup either as Parts or Labor
Revenue By GL Code Report prints when Tax Rate Description exceeds 24 characters
Emailing a revision the subject displays what was setup in the Estimate template
Canned Job prompt dialog description updated to use customer pricing levels
Parts Kits that have an Inventory part with a fee transfers
Sharing MPI works with certain VIN and mileage combinations
Transferring Canned Job with superseded part to a Revision
Parts ordering for some catalogs updates correctly
For Windows 7 SP1, able to print Employee Shift Detail and Tech Recorded Hours reports
Find Customer displays License column correctly
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