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Not sure if it's possible today but it would be a great selling tool be able to capture customers that need tires soon and route that info to a mail merge type of CRM campaign.

Example: Customer's tires low on tread...let's say 3 or 4/32nds. They don't really need tires immediately. We currently document this in Recommendations but it kind of ends there...I don't know of way to pull this information back out of the system to contact the customer for a sale. Obviously, there would need to be a way to the "flag" back off again if the customer purchased tires here or elsewhere sometime in the future.

It would be ideal if there was a way to "flag" that customer for tires and be able to quickly filter only those customer's for a CRM campaign the next time we have a Tire Promotion. In CRM a customer specific campaign could be created with details on the Tire Promotion.

Is anyone doing this today? If so, can you share how you are doing this?
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You can do this today using Follow Up letters. If you are already inputting the need for tires in Recommendations and estimating the date needed, simply run one of the follow up letters regularly by date range ad you'll get letters you can send out, or a list where you can make phone calls. This will not single out tire needs exclusively, but all recommendations. You can choose which letters to send by simple looking through them. I send 50 -100 letters a week; essential for follow up work.
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