Add Category to Invoice Age Report

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Add Category to Invoice Age Report

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Would it be possible to add the category to the invoice age report? Or the Tire Inventory Not Sold Since? Only need the first 5 letters of it to sort the export excel file.

We use this report to track obsolete inventory for taxes at year end. We move inventory to a zTire category to track inventory that we can "spoil" and record to expense rather than carry as an asset. But the items need to remain in the inventory as we still have it. We have about 1800 tires in stock today.

I export the age report to excel and calculate the total inventory by the dates last sold. Then we use the "on hand inventory by category" to see the balances of each category. To reconcile the two it would help if the category was on the Age Report so I can tell what needs to be moved or hasn't been moved.

Or does anyone else have a better way to track old inventory that you might never sell and is truly an expense??
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