Marking Inspection as Moved to Ticket

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Marking Inspection as Moved to Ticket

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Is there anyway to indicate that an inspection has been sent to a ticket? Not all of our inspections are texted to our customers (older customers are just confused by them, some inspections are done for our benefit only, etc). Right now, checking every ticket at night to make sure all the inspections are on them is time consuming. So I'm looking for a way to show that we are completely done with that inspection - whether it is showing it as highlighted, adding another column to mark it moved or adding an option to only display inspections that have not yet been sent to the ticket.

We have just started using the tablets so maybe I am missing something.
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Re: Marking Inspection as Moved to Ticket

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You can see all inspections in Report Pro by clicking the inspections button at the bottom of the reports window. Here you can search and view all current inspections. You can also open open a date range of inspections, click and open each then use the Work Order Note icon to place a link on each RO.
Report Pro Inspections.PNG
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When you text an inspection, a copy of the inspection URL is placed right in the repair order of the vehicle. If you don't share the inspection, click on the Work Order Note icon and the inspection URL will be placed on the repair order.

Let me know if this does not work. You can click on my email link below and send me the number I can reach out to you to better handle the questions you have.
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