SE 7.1.7 Provides Better Scheduling Options

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SE 7.1.7 Provides Better Scheduling Options

Post by timbre4 »

Why settle for this...
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When you could be using this:
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Re: SE 7.1.7 Provides Better Scheduling Options

Post by timbre4 »

Specific Schedule Improvements found in SE 7.1.7

Improved Schedule Appointment Tab Usability
Save Layout/Settings of the Appointment tab
Added button to revert to old style view
Ability to apply group sort, and reset default grid layout/sorts.
Ability to easily ungroup or apply default groups to appointments
Appointments will appear in one of four groups:
1. Previous: Appointments that have end date before today
2. Today: Appointments that started today, or started earlier and end today or later
3. Tomorrow: Appointments that start tomorrow
4. Future: Appointments beyond tomorrow
Scheduled Event Report Updated
Added the customer business name when present
Added two new reports to support the scheduler:
1. Scheduled Events by Technician.
2. Scheduled Events Summary.
Technician on WIP stays in Sync with Schedule
New appointment will use the Default Labor Technician when not in Technician View
When in Technician view use the Currently selected Technician (current behavior)
Creating an appointment from an existing Order should copy the Order's Labor Tech
Changing the Labor Tech from the Orders Options should update existing/previous Labor Tech on the existing Appointment
Changes made on the WIP to Labor Tech are updated the Labor Tech
Order Technician will update when an appointments Technician is changed
Dragging Appointments to an alternate Labor Tech on the Schedule will modify all Labor Techs on the attached order
Changing the system default labor technician will not change existing Appointments tech assignments
Shop Events default to none for the technician
Added the option "Auto Adjust Appointment Time Span" to match Order hours
Added a checkbox on appointment Editor setting is for that appointment only
Setting inherits the system wide setting by default on new appointments
When the setting is checked on an existing appointment, future changes to the repair order labor hours will adjust appointment end time
Users can alternately 'disable' (uncheck) on an existing appointment
Implemented a more user-friendly date and time control
All four dates (Drop off, promise, start/end) have a separate editor for date and time
Time Drop down shows hours in the range of visible shop hours. If visible shop hours is 12-12, or 5-5, etc..
Improved Print Functionality from the Schedule
Added a new Schedule option for Default Drop Off Time
The User can now set a default drop-off time for new appointments, much like the default promised time.
Added Drop Off Time Value to Work In Progress
The Drop Off Time has been added to the end of the WIP.
Added Search/Filter to scheduler view
Entered filter text shows any appointments matching: Vehicle YMM/License/Vin, Customer First/Last, Subject, Phone, Notes, Email, Technician, Resource, RO/INV#, Hat#. If not matching, the appointment is hidden.
Case insensitive search.
Added drop down for Appointment State: , , etc. etc. All shows all, Open shows only open and so on. Selection should be saved (per user, as all scheduler view settings are).
Added Check boxes for Order phases (EST, INV, RO/SO, Posted INV). When not checked, the unchecked ones are filtered out of view. Selection should be saved (per user, as all scheduler view settings are).
Optimize TimeLine View Layout
Added Timeline Icon/Button to Ribbon.
Defaults to 30-minute increments.
Modified Left Pane to be Collapsible (month controls).
Keep Promised Time Synched in Appointment Window when updated in WIP/ORDER
Each group will have a sum of order hours.
Job Hours column hidden by default. Job hours summary when visible.
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Re: Seeking SE 6.6 Users For 7.1.6 Upgrade

Post by timbre4 »

Selected Features and Improvements that SE 6.6.x users will catch up on with SE 7.1.6:

Medium and Heavy Duty (Class 4 -8) Truck Integration (OPTIONAL Additional)> This vehicle integration is now available as an option for your SE management system. This allows you to choose Medium & Heavy Duty vehicles when creating vehicle records for customers.
> The integration also enables lookup and transfer of labor operation time from Mitchell 1 Truck Labor.
> The Medium & Heavy Duty option can also provide direct pass-through to look up repair & diagnostic information
> If not currently subscribed to Truck Series information products, contact your independent sales representative or call 888-724-6742, ext. 1
> Decoding Medium & Heavy Duty Vehicle VINs and License Plates
> Offline mode supported; always allows entry of customer vehicles and when the Internet is restored, users can reselect and auto-fill the Year/Make/Model/Engine information
> Canned Job Searching and Editing allows choosing Light Duty (cars, trucks/vans up to 1 ton) or Medium & HD Vehicle Type as filters, or keeping the 'ALL' option.
> When building or editing a canned job, selecting a year first will allow you to find truck information (when using All or Medium & HD Vehicle type).
> New Setup Option -> Shop Data -> Vehicle Preference: allows each user to configure each of their workstation to see Light Duty only, Medium & HD Vehicles only, or both.

Vehicle Screen Enhancements
Input for Engine Hours In and Out provided
Driver notes and telephone number for each vehicle can now be recorded (for drop off/pick up drivers, family association, commercial drivers)
Vehicle Snapshot displays the number of lifetime invoices, average dollars per invoice, odometer, hours, estimated daily mileage and more on the vehicle screen
Custom vehicles may be entered and stored; these will appear in red text to indicate manual entry status.
Follow up screen now filters Makes list by only vehicles found in your database, including custom vehicles
Customer phone numbers now include a note field associated with each number

Schedule Enhancements
While creating a new vehicle record during the appointment process, the New Vehicle window now includes the Plate to VIN lookup and VIN decode options.
Added comments to appointment tab in scheduler
Improved scheduler screen refresh
Order Screen Enhancements
Canned Job searching now reflects any custom vehicles contained in your database as well as filtering out makes & models that you do not currently have any existing canned jobs configured for.
Users may also select 'ALL' to find any canned job, regardless of vehicle designations.
New 'Open Recalls' button on the Order and Revision screens; displays open recalls for Toyota, Scion, and Lexus vehicles on repair orders.
> NOTE: A valid VIN must be present and decoded. Recalls, when found, can be printed or copied and pasted into repair order
When using the DEFAULTUSER, settings are now correctly saved across application restarts, just as User list profiles do.
Update Improvements
> Workstations now download update package if not found on local host
> Improved speed when updating DMV database provides a faster SE update experience.
Merchant Partner 'First Mile' credit card clearing now included
> In addition to traditional credit cards, First Mile processes Merchant Cards, Fleets Cards, Retail Finance Cards, Gift and Loyalty Cards
> More information can be found at
BackOffice - Accounting Link now integrated with Manager SE
> Accounting Link supported by accounting professionals
> Integrates with today's most popular accounting packages

Repair Order templates now include deposits and balance
For clarity during tech support calls, renamed Help button to 'How To'
Implemented enhancement to help eliminate Repair Order closing timeouts
Optimized Order saving; prevent conflicts when switching from order screen to Reporting
Updated Telephone numbers displayed in WIP to match those selected
Corrected improper prompting for hours changed when uneven labor rates are used

Scheduler Improvements
> Use Company names when no first or last name is present in Name subject line and name field
> Appointment Comments now displayed in Appointment and Shop Event tabs
> Dragging & dropping appointments no longer flickers during screen refresh
> All selected appointments remain selected after refreshing
> Allow user to correctly assign a vehicle when no vehicle was initially selected.

Tax Improvements
> Support for Florida tiered tax calculation (configurable in Tax Rate setup)
> Corrected discount rounding issue caused by part items with decimal quantities
> Added 4 digits of decimal precision in Tax Setup

Updated Reports:
> Sales Summary by Service Writer
> Now includes invoices that had no parts/labor/sublet sales in R/O count and sales average. Previously, showed incorrectly in report under <None>
> Updated report to include costs, minor format changes implemented to conserve paper
> Inventory Sales Report - Cleaned up formatting to conserve paper

Scheduler Enhancements:
> Window now remembers size/position/maximized state for each user
> Sched column in WIP as well as WIP Detail Dialog show correct schedule start date - if order is not yet scheduled, shows as blank
> Added ability to right click in Sched column of WIP to either show WIP Detail Dialog, or open Appointment editor to edit schedule times
> Added Scheduled Hours to Scheduler Appointment and Shop Event tab
> 'Sched Hours' uses your configured business hours, as well as holidays, to calculate how many actual shop hours each appointment uses. Matches value as in Appointment Editor.
Scheduling tab includes the total scheduled hours for the view you have selected.
> Each Day/Week/Month breaks down the scheduled hours for that range (shows on same line as 'Appt' count).
> Multi-day appointments will show hours each day based on start/end time and shop hours.
> All day appointments use the full shop hours of each day it spans.
> Appointment Count on Scheduling tab now includes appointments that started on previous days, but span across multiple days (Order Hrs. only shows up on first day of appointment)
> Built-in Appointment States now have pre-assigned colors
> Custom Appointment States can define custom colors
> State of appointment color shows up on Scheduling tab of Schedule and Appointment Editor
> Improved performance of Schedule when loading/refreshing large appointment lists

Handle purging estimates where there was an appointment for the estimate - appointment remains behind and can be deleted or updated
Improved follow-up appointment prompting when posting orders from the WIP
Changing vehicle ownership now prompts to select new tax settings (use customer's or vehicle's)
XCharge - Added support for configuring user name & password within Manager
Updated Recommendation Dialog to make the Category drop down more apparent

New & improved scheduler application
Added Order Hours to Appointment Editor
Added Order Hours totals to Scheduler Views
Added Appointment end time rolling over to the next business day where those hours fit within the amount of Order hours (may span several days/weekends)
Appointment end time updated (incremented or decremented) when RO's Order Hours change
Calendar view with color coding helps you visualize upcoming work
Scheduler Calendar View
Calendar may be viewed by day, week or month
Resource view allows you to view calendar by technician or resource
Scheduled appointments link to a customer and vehicle
Canned jobs added to an appointment keep track of work needed
Creating orders from a schedule initializes order with canned jobs
Fully configurable with technicians, resources, employee holidays, and shop hours
Appointments tab displays events in a standard data table view
Create shop events which are calendar events not related to work orders
Updated scheduled event report
Updated technician setup to include employee work hours
Auto schedule option schedules follow-up appointments when posting an order
Separate Notes and Sublet buttons on the Order screen

Improved license plate lookup
> Lookup vehicle properties based on license plate alone
> Retrieve vehicle properties as well as VIN number
Ability to email Customer Vehicle Report from History tab and email History Invoice detail
Customer lookup has separate First Name and Last Name
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