Accounting Link FAQ 10/26/2016

Interface links a number of different accounting packages to SE systems
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Accounting Link FAQ 10/26/2016

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Q. What is the name of the product and who is the provider?
A. Accounting Link by The Back Office

Q. Which accounting packages does Accounting Link work with for Manager SE?
A. QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Sage Peachtree®, DacEasy®, Sage 50, Epicor, AccPac®, MAS90®, Great Plains®, Sage Business Works®, Sage Simply Accounting®, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Multiledger®, MYOB®

Q. Does Accounting Link require the creation of a new company account?
A. NO; your existing company account will be used in setup by The Back Office.

Q. Is Accounting Link required to be installed on a computer at the shop?
A. NO; Back Office will install it at whichever location the customer prefers to work from.

Q. Can Accounting Link possibly accept and process financial data from multiple locations?
A. Yes –each location will be required to have an Accounting Link subscription.

Q. How much does the Accounting Link option cost for new customers?
A. $49 per mo. + one-time $250 setup fee

Q. The old QB Integrator couldn’t be sold in Canada; can Accounting Link be sold for use in Canada?
A. Yes; while tax methods may differ per province, Accounting Link can handle most instances. [inquire to be certain]

Q. Can existing customers using the current QuickBooks Integrator be switched to Accounting Link?
A. Yes; you will incur a price increase of $10 more per month with no setup fee. Because there is a price difference, we must get your approval to proceed with change.

Q. Would an order need to be written for a customer to get Accounting Link?
A. NEW SALE: YES - write an order using these product codes: MGRLINK + MGRLINKFEE
A. EXISTING QBI: NO - send an email to or call 888-724-6742 option 2 for customer service to process a product change request.

Q. Is there a migration plan for existing QBI users to switch to Accounting Link?
A. Yes. Once we have new sales flowing, there will be an outreach effort to contact the existing users to keep advancing the migration process

Q. Who provides support for Accounting Link and how do I contact them?
A. The Back Office - 866-964-9699 / / - universal support page; chat, open a case, phone #, email and hours

Q. What are the days and hours of The Back Office provided customer support?
A. MON-FRI - 8am-5pm Central / 9am-6pm Eastern / 6am-3pm Pacific

Q. How soon will Back Office be contacting me for setup and training?
A. “Customers are contacted about scheduling the Accounting Link installation & training within 48 hours, typically same day as Back Office is notified of Accounting Link order.”

Q. Is there an end date for support of the current QB Integrator?
A. There is no set date to end QBI support; the migration process could take 1-3 years to complete.

Updated 10/26/2016
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