How to create a Bill for expenses to post to payable later

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How to create a Bill for expenses to post to payable later

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Creating a Bill in Enterprise Pro

Used to enter bills for expenses to post into payables at a later date, such as telephone, gas & electric, rent, etc...

Note: To post bill to a payable the Contact must be setup as a supplier with a payable account.
  • Go to Purchases module from the Home Ribbon
  • Defaults to Bills feature in the left column
  • Click New Bill on the Ribbon
  • Enter Bill Date, Select Supplier from the drop down arrow, other fields are optional.

Note: If you do not select a Due Date the system will generate one automatically based on the Accounting Term for the Supplier.

  • Click Add from the ribbon
  • Select GL Account, Description, and Amount.
  • Make any necessary Adjustments or Tax Adjustments ( if any)

Note: To send it to the Payables you will need to POST from the ribbon.

Important: There are times when you may receive a partial credit for a Bill that has had a payment applied. Simply do an adjustment to the amount in the bank account used for payment and the General Ledger Expense account selected when creating the bill.
Keep in mind the liability was decreased when the payment was made; this is why it is not a choice to select as a Ledger Account in the adjustment dialogue.
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