Moving location Bank and Credit cards to the Enterprise location

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Moving location Bank and Credit cards to the Enterprise location

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Because you cannot really move location bank Accounts & Credit Cards to the Enterprise location you will need to:

1) Go the Enterprise location
2) Enterprise Setup from the home ribbon
3) Select Bank Accounts from the left panel
4) Click Add on the ribbon
5) Create name of new Enterprise bank account or credit card
6) Select Location tab
7) Click the drop down arrow on the Action button in the bottom left corner of window
8) Click Add
9) Click Search to bring up all locations and select all locations that will use the new Enterprise Bank Account
10)Click Ok.

To give yourself a good starting point Reconcile the new Enterprise Bank Account with a zero dollar balance then go to the location bank account and transfer the balance to the new Enterprise Bank Account.

This will allow you, moving forward to keep the historical data for the location bank and now you can make it inactive by going to location Setup from the home ribbon| Bank Account from left panel | | Double click to open Bank Account and check the box to make inactive and save you are good to go.

Do this for all accounts and cards you are moving to the Enterprise location.
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