Supplier wants to pay Warranty Claim by Credit Card

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Supplier wants to pay Warranty Claim by Credit Card

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The options to post a Warranty Claim is directly to the Shop Bank Account , Shop Credit Card or to the Supplier's Payable account to be applied

as a credit upon approval, then reconciled.

The following is a work around for a situation when a Supplier wants to pay for a Warranty Claim using a Company Credit Card.

*1) Create a Receivable account for the Supplier

*2) Post the Warranty Claim to the Supplier's Payable account.

*3) Go to General Ledger on the home ribbon | New Transaction | Select date | Add Line from the ribbon | Select the Supplier's Payable account and enter the amount of the Warranty Claim as a Credit entry | Add Line for the offsetting entry | Select the Supplier's Receivable Account you just created |The amount should show up as a Debit | Post.

*4) Go to the Accounting module from the home ribbon | Receivable | Select the Supplier's A/R account and post the payment using their Credit Card as payment method.

Please note that you may want to consult with an Accountant before performing this work around as it will affect ledger accounts and reports. Recommended as a one time work around, if occurs more often than that then it would be a good candidate to be submitted as a feature request/ product enhancement.
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