Make Inspections Tax Exempt

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Make Inspections Tax Exempt

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You will go to Setup from the home ribbon.

Select Tags from the left panel

Click the drop down arrow next to Target to select Labor Line

Click Add on the ribbon

Type a Name for Tag ( I.e Tax Exempt Inspection, etc. )

Click Ok

Next, from in the Setup type Inspection in the search field

Select Inspections from the left panel

You will need to go into each Service Category to open Inspections with Labor Line

Double click on the labor line in the inspection

Select the Tag tab

Click Document Icon on the top right in tag window

Click Green Plus Sign to the left of the Tax Exempt Inspection Tag you just created to add it

Click Ok.

Next, still in Setup go to Other Charges / Sales Rule

Select the Other Charge for your Tax from the Other Charge drop down menu

Click Add on the ribbon

Applies to: Labor

Check box next to Tag in the Labor section

Click the Document Icon on Tag line to select the Tax Exempt Inspection you created

Click the circle next to Exempt

Click Ok

You will need to click on the New Other Charge Sales Rule Exemption in the list (if any) to drag it above any of the Sales Rules that are Applying to a Labor Line

(Note: All exemptions must appear first in the Sales Rule list)

Click Save

It is always a good idea to test the next Sales Rule to check for desired results.
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