Using *|* to Filter Multiple Items in a report

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Using *|* to Filter Multiple Items in a report

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How to use the asterisk Pipe asterisk characters to filter multiple items.

Reports can be filtered on any field or combination of fields. Simply right click anywhere on the report details and choose filter.
Select the field, condition, and value then click the add button. Repeat this for multiple filters to be applied. Click ok
and the report details will be filtered.

In certain circumstances you may want to search for more than one item within a field. You can use the following search parameter *|*

For example. I want to build a report that would show me all of my different types of discounts that I have setup as service packages
over a period of time. Let's say I have 5 discount packages as follows:

Birthday Gift Coupon
Birthday Mailer Coupon
Car Care Coupon
Crowd Cut Discount
Internet Coupon

I would set the Filter up as follows:

Set the Column to: Service package
Set the Condition to: Like
Set the Value to: *Birthday*|*Car Care Discount*|*Crowd Cut*|*Internet*

Note: The word Birthday will bring up both Birthday Gift Coupon and Birthday Mailer Coupon. You can be genric or specific.
It all depends upon how you have titled the service packages.
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