Run a report to see Unposted/Unpaid Warranty Claims

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Run a report to see Unposted/Unpaid Warranty Claims

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If you would like to see a report that will show you the Warranty Claims that have not been Posted/ Paid by the Vendor please follow these steps:

Go to Reports on the home ribbon | All Reports | Purchase | Warranty Claim Item Listing | Select your Date range | Click Execute | Click Filter on the ribbon | Select “Posted On” for your Column | Select “Is Null” for your Condition |Click Add button | Click OK.

If you prefer to show the totals at the top of the column in the report:

Click Summary on the ribbon | Select “Cost” for your Column | Click Add | Click on the drop down arrow for “Display Summary at” and select the “Grand Summary on Top With Group by Summary” | Click OK.

If you plan on running this report often and want to Save the Layout so it appears under "My Reports" then:

Go to the ribbon and click the drop down arrow for Layout and Select “Save Layout” | Give the customized report a Name and Description | Check the box next to Save Parameters | Click OK

Close report & go back into Reports from the Home Ribbon | and your report will appear as you named it under My Reports and is available to Deploy to other users or add to Dashboard.

Your best option to do a comparison:

Note: ( This will work as long as you DID NOT change the Warranty naming convention)

Run a Journal under the "Returns" General Ledger Account using the same Date Range used in your report | Click Find and under the Description search for "Warranty"

| Find All | Total this Column.
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