Part Numbers / Service Writer vs Tech

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Part Numbers / Service Writer vs Tech

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As a user of ProSpect their are a few changes or options we would love to see. As a business owner I may not always want an employee to see total costs of bill, etc.. that you would see in Manager itself. By using a tablet they get just the information they need to get their job done. That is one purpose to push the tablets on to them. But in order for them to be able to make sure they are using the right parts we need to see Part Numbers on the tablet's work order.

The other option we would like is to have a way to disable displaying personal customer information (like telephone numbers, emails) from being viewed on the tablet. Some techs could steal shop work and do on the side work if they had enough info to contact the customer on the side. The last thing that would be great is if a tech could just display the Appointment items that are scheduled for that tech. Currently I only see that we can search via license plate, name, etc... We are kind of wanting a separation from Technician & Service Writer.
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