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Post by ashcraft »

I'm looking for pros and cons of Propack versus Prospect. I really like the look of Prospect inspections but if monthly costs aren't too different wouldn't Propack be more cost effective. I have learned a lot from the forum and figure you all can give me the ins and outs.
I would greatly appreciate any input.
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The comparison you're really making is Mobile Manager Pro vs. ProSpect. ProPack does Lube sticker/keytags, Texting, and a lot of supplemental reports. You can edit inspections in Report Pro, but to conduct them on mobile devices, you'd need Mobile Manager. That's quite a bit more than ProPack alone. ($199 for MM + the $99 for Propack)

So the short version: ProSpect is focused solely on customer check-in/vehicle inspections. Mobile Manager allows you to create your entire Invoice on a mobile device. The best advice I can offer is to decide if you really just want inspections, or if the extra features from MM are worth the price difference to you.

Obviously, you have a good deal of time to check out ProSpect right now, and if you'd like, I can have your area sales rep follow up with you for in-depth comparison - just send me a PM.

Of course, others on here have tried both, so you may get some additional feedback as well.

P.S. I guess since I went to high school there, I should say Go Bulldogs. :)
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Post by ricmorin »

Much like choosing a POS product, I would advise you to make a list of what you desire then look at what meets your requirements. Mobile Manager has many features that not all shops need or want. Prospect is for shops that only need DVI's without all the fluff. Here is a comparison sheet I made a while ago. Some features may have been added since I did this so forgive me in advance if a few are off.

prospectvsMM.JPG (99.2 KiB) Viewed 3632 times
Prospect is particularly handy if you like IOS. Additionally, your inspections in Prospect are not relegated to the simple red, green yellow. You can add a date, free-form text and align a check box with a particular color status. Prospect also has a really cool built-in tire inspection component that can be added to any inspection

If you need basic timeclock functions or the ability to add parts out in the shop, MM is the choice. MM also has canned notes, recommendations and the ability to auto-add existing canned jobs to a revision all from the tablet.

I hope this helps a little.
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Thanks so much for your helping on this question. I've had no power and internet since last Wednesday when the Derrecho came through.

As was mentioned, Pro Pac and Mobile Manager are a complete integrated solution. Not only do you get an inspection but lots of automation behind that helping you keep your customers coming back. There is much much more.

If you wish to see this complete solution or even a more basic inspection solution, let me know.

Thanks for your patience.
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