Work Order numbering explained

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Work Order numbering explained

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Estimates and Appointments require numbers in the system so they are assigned work order numbers.
These work order numbers are not guaranteed to be consecutive in Enterprise Pro. We can guarantee uniqueness, however we DO NOT guarantee the numbers are consecutive.

In technical terms the process is as follows:
  • Work Order saved- request sent to our server from client
  • Server grabs next available work order number and increments the current maximum by 1
  • If no issues, the work order is saved and the work order returned to client
  • If issues, such as not enough inventory, or anything that would invalidate the business rule, it would reject the request to save. The newly assigned work order number would be "wasted"
  • Let's say for example, the server saved the work order number successfully, but the clients internet connectivity so it never got the response from the server. The client requests to save again and
    on the server side the number will get incremented by 1 again and thus the old number is "wasted" again
Those a just a few reasons why you may see a jump in work order numbering.
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