Deferred Work Not Transfering to Work Order

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Deferred Work Not Transfering to Work Order

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If you are having trouble getting multiple service packages that you moved to deferred work to transfer to the Work Order you will need to verify that you have not

used the same Service Package and simply edited/customized the description, etc.

For example; let's say you have created a Service Package as follows:

Automotive Service | Steering & Suspension | Lift Kit Installation and you added it to a work order 3 times as a Lift Kit Installation but decided to edit two of the

Lift Kit Installation Service package to read: Lift Kit Installation ( Lift with 1" Rear Add-A-Leaf Lift) and another reads: Lift Kit Installation (Spacer, etc..) each with

different line items and pricing.

So they appear in a hierarchy/tree node in the Deferred Work dialogue ( see below)

>Lift Kit Installation
[list]Date - Invoice Number when deferred[/list]
  • Date - Invoice Number when deferred
  • Date - Invoice Number when deferred

When you click on Lift Kit Installation it will only bring that one over and the others will disappear. If you click on any of the "Date - Invoice Number when Deferred"

all others will disappear. Only one will transfer to Work Order. You will need to create a couple more Service Packages for the "Lift 1" Add-A -Leaf" and for the "Spacer"

for the Deferred Work to function properly.
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