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Tech Assist prompts in Enterprise Pro

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The following prompts will display from Tech Assist to help Technician navigate through work orders and track time ( see below)

Pick a job to start working on it ( with a list of jobs available to clock into )

The if Tech clicks on the Tech Assist after clocking onto the job the Tech Assist pop up dialogue will read something like this:

You are working on:
(Current job listed here)

Are you done with your current job?
  • Yes, Mark it as completed
  • No, but I need to work on something else
If tech goes to select another job from WIP the Tech Assistant will show:

Pick up where you left off
(option to select job worked on before)

Start something new
( List of jobs available to select)

Non-Work Related items
( i.e Waiting on parts, customer shuttle, break, meeting , etc…)

Tech Assist pop up dialogue shows:

You were working on another work order

(Gives option to select job)


Are you done with this job?
  • Mark it as completed.
  • Yes, mark the entire work order as completed
  • No, I’ll deal with it later
.NOTE: The security settings must be setup for a Technician to utilize the Tech Assist feature.
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