Inventory Attribute

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Inventory Attribute

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Overview: Enterprise Pro allows you to enter a stocked part into the system referencing an optional Inventory Attribute.

Once created, the Inventory Attribute will show up in the "Other" tab on the Inventory Material Card.

Examples for Inventory Attributes:
  • * One Time Order
    * Do Not Use
    * No Return
    * Hazardous Material
    * Internal Shop Expense
    * C.O.D. Only
    * Expiration Date
The attribute can be setup using the following Syntax examples:

Integer (System.Int32): A whole number i.e 1,10, 32

Decimal (System.Decimal): a decimal number ie 3.25, 6.7,

String (System.String): A string of text ie: “Hello!”, “Account #5263”

Boolean (System.Boolean): A true or false value. Shows a check box

Date (System.DateTime): A value representing a time or date. i.e. “8/7/2014 3:15”, “10:00”, “March 1, 2013”
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