Print labor lines with multiple Techs to show only one Tech

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Print labor lines with multiple Techs to show only one Tech

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The Combine Consecutive Lines setting under Advanced Options when editing a Work Order document template permits printing on a single combined line all of consecutive labor lines that have the same description, rate, and other charges.

Now, a shop can split a labor line of , for example, 3.0 hours into 0.5 hour and 2.5 hour. These separate labor lines can be assigned to two different technicians, and yet the invoice will still print as if it is a single 3.0-hr labor line.

You can toggle this on or off according to preference as follows:
  • * Setup from the Home Ribbon
  • * Type "Print" ( minus quotes) in the search field
  • * Select Print Documents
  • * Type = Work Order
  • * Template = work order used you will be printing
  • * Click Edit from the ribbon
  • * Select Advanced Options in the left panel under the Body section
  • * Check Combined Consecutive Lines located in the Labor Line Format section
Note: By doing this you will be combining consecutive labor lines with same Labor Rate, and Other Charge even if there are multiple technicians
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