How are Reminders calculated in Enterprise Pro ?

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How are Reminders calculated in Enterprise Pro ?

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Every interval based Reminder item will consist of two benchmarks, one for time and one for mileage.
The reminder item is due on which ever benchmark is reached first.

• For example; you have a 3 month/3000 mile reminder item; the reminder item is due either in 3 months since last service or 3000 miles since last service .Whichever comes first! This would be considered the industry standard.

For mileage based benchmarks, we estimate the mileage criteria using a complicated set of calculations to predict the day the mileage benchmark will be reached.

• For example, if we only have two invoices, we would use the simplest form of the prediction by taking the difference of the odometer reading between the two invoices, divided by the number of days between the two invoices to come up with a usage /day reading to use as a base for predicting when the mileage will be reached.

• However if there are more invoices we may build a usage profile to account for seasons ( winter use car only, etc) So the prediction is more fitting based on the vehicles history.

To see the current usage profile for a vehicle go to the Vehicle Card | Details | It will appear under Estimated Usage. Estimated usage can either be a simple number for usage/day or a monthly profile to have different numbers for each month. We use mileage on the invoices over multiple years to determine the usage profile.

Yellow Flag- 30 days is when the yellow flag will appear. This is not configurable at this time.
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