What is Create Template option on ribbon from posted invoice

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What is Create Template option on ribbon from posted invoice

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When you open a posted invoice and highlight a Service Package on that Invoice an icon will populate on the ribbon " Create template".

When you select this the system is creating a template for that modified Service Package.

For example, Let's say that you did a big job that was not your standard service package as you added a few more line items for Material and Labor to

the original Service Package you started with that you may want to use at a later time with the add on(s).

The system will allow you to create a template and so next time you search for a Service Package that includes any of those items in it, t will appear in the

search results in what will look like a Service Category called Past Services.

You can add the "Past Service" Service Package template any work order however YOU CANNOT EDIT THE PAST SERVICE PACKAGE TEMPLATE

So this function works great if you have a service package(s) where the prices will not change or you want to replicate the template so you add it to the work order and create

a service package that you can edit , then remove the one you copied from as a template.
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