New System Level Role "Security Administrators"

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New System Level Role "Security Administrators"

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Added a new system level role called "Security Administrators". User with this role can access security and create users and roles without being an "Administrators"

It would be best that they give themselves all roles (except for Admin) so that they can assign roles to other users. If they do not have the role themselves then they will not be able to add the role to others.

[*] Security Administrators CANNOT modify their own account.

[*] Security Administrators CANNOT modify any user who has Enterprise Administrators and Administrators roles assigned to them.

[*] Security Administrators CANNOT assign Enterprise Administrators or Administrators roles to any existing user.

[*] Security Administrators CANNOT assign any permission that themselves does not have currently to users or roles.

[*] For reports, Security Administrators can only assign any report category and/or individual report that they currently have access to to users or roles

[*]Security Administrators can assign Security Administrators role to an existing user. So they can create more security administrators with the same level of security access as him/herself.
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