TIP: Average Miles Per Day?

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TIP: Average Miles Per Day?

Post by Qbasic8 »

I noticed something with Manager today. When pulling up a file going to their history and clicking print which brings up the "Customer Vehicle Report". It says this paticular vehicle has 95 average daily miles. This vehicle gets very few miles put on it and is not even remotely close to what it should be. Anybody else notice that?
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Re: Average miles per day

Post by timjlive »

What I have found when that number is out of an expected range, is that someone failed to enter the odometer reading or someone entered the odometer reading incorrectly (transposed numbers).
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Re: Average Miles Per Day?

Post by asample »

I have not ever seen that feature until now. Nice!
Make sure you have your settings on "print to screen". Brings up every invoice on that vehicle with detail. In very small print in upper right you will find average miles.
I did this on one of my cars and the mileage was skewed and sure enough there was a ticket without any mileage.
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Re: Average Miles Per Day?

Post by ricmorin »

We use this data all the time. We utilize Recommendations for oil change reminders, and tailor the date according to the math using the ADM figure on this report. Very easy.
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