TIP: Mailing Label Sort

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TIP: Mailing Label Sort

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How can I print mailing labels for customers that had a repair order of $500 or more?? I don't want to waste a bunch of labels by printing EVERYONE for a particular date range; I only want select customers by size of ticket. Thanks.

Re: Mailing Label Sort

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Hi there! Mark from M1 Technical Support.

There currently isn't a way that you can generate a report that will give you all the customers that spent over $500. That being said, going forward, there may be a possible 'workaround' to this.

If you were to create a special category, call it 'sales over 500' lets say, then, add a zero cost part item, ensuring you select THAT category in the part item edit window, then when you run the follow-up, history tab, you can select a date range AND select that category, which will produce the desired result.
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Re: Mailing Label Sort

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I would recommend considering the Export to Excel method to gain more control over customer parameters (spent $, etc).

Details here: http://www.mitchell1.com/knowledgebase/ ... php?id=126
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