How to Do a Refund in Manager SE

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How to Do a Refund in Manager SE

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Q. How do I perform a refund in Manager SE?
A. It can be accomplished in the following manner:

NOTE: If you are using a credit card processor and need to reverse that CC payment, consult with the processor on how to best process a refund first.

1. Create an invoice for the customer / vehicle with the same line items using a (-) negative quantities.
2. Then instead of Pay/Post (because you entered negative numbers), go to Options and click on Apply Payments.
3. Select Payment Type (cash or check) and process this negative dollar amount, then Print and Post the Invoice.

COMMENT 1: Since Manager SE doesn't have the specific capability to fully process refunds (it is not a full accounting program), this is a work-around to get the job done. When you do this, it will leave a credit balance for the customer. Simplest thing to do is write a check then add the entry into your accounting program under Refunds.

COMMENT 2: We do the same; invoice parts/labor in a negative. Pay/post then don't forget to go back into Update Customer (RH side of Customer screen) to clear out credit balance on their account.

SUMMARY: You can perform a refund with a negative invoice that can be printed OR just write a check and make a REFUND entry in your accounting program.
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