2005 Volvo S80 - 2.5 Turbo P0101, P2188

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2005 Volvo S80 - 2.5 Turbo P0101, P2188

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I have a 2005 volvo s80 2.5 turbo with codes po101 mass air flow sensor a circuit performance.
I also have a p2188 system to rich at idle on bank 1 this is the OBD 2 generic side.
And i have 3 long term fuel trim codes on the Manufacture side of the Ecm code 216d 21e0 212c all long term fuel trim codes.

I have replaced the mass air flow sensor 2 times with a new volvo O.E. part and checked all the connectors and wiring from the mass air flow sensor to the ecm and everything checks ok. this problem is very intermittent so it is hard to diagnosis. my question at this point!!! Has anyone had upstream Ho2s sensor cause this fault? I know it is a possibility.

Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks Justin
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Re: 2005 Volvo S80 - 2.5 Turbo P0101, P2188

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Yes i have. Look at the O2 plug and see if it's covered in oil.
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