1995 BMW 318i - Wiper Operation

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1995 BMW 318i - Wiper Operation

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I have a 1995 318i that came in to the shop with wipers running when placed on high but when placed in low or Int. no action
I am thinking wiper washer module. any input. Thank You
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Re: 1995 BMW 318i - Wiper Operation

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The windshield wiper system is controlled by the central body electronics control module. The three wiper relays and the washer relay are activated by the relay module. The relay outputs are routed via diagnostic links to the general module. All functions may be switched on and off with the wiper switch. The ignition switch must be in position one or further to operate the wiper system.
During intermittent wiper operation, the wiper speed and wiper cycle is dependent upon the vehicle speed.

Switching on high bypasses the module or so it seems. Some have rain sensors that are bypassed as well. I would look into wiring breaks as well as module and switches. If someone along the way has moved a harness out of the way there is a good possibility there are broken wires in it. Look for cracked or mangled harnesses. Have fun.
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