How to import a report in Enterprise Pro

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How to import a report in Enterprise Pro

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How to Import Reports in Enterprise Pro

1) Save the Report file that you want to import to a location on your hard drive

2) Open up Enterprise Pro, and go to Reports on the home ribbon

3) Click the Open button on the ribbon ( top left).

4) Navigate to the directory where you saved the report in Step 1.

IMPORTANT: Click on the drop down to change the File Ext format from (*rdata) to (*xml)

NOTE: If you do not see your report that you saved on your hard drive it is because you have not changed the file ext. to xml as mentioned above.

5) Select the Report you want to import, and click Open.

6) Adjust the date range if needed, and Execute the Report

7) After Executing the Report, click on Layout on the ribbon | Save Layout | Name it and Save Parameters | The saved report will now show up under My Reports for the User who created it.

NOTE: If you want to Deploy it to another user to be able to access the report go back to the Layout icon on the ribbon | Click Deploy Layout | Select the Users you want to share the report with.
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